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Author Topic: General Suggestions  (Read 5024 times)
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« on: June 14, 2015, 08:36:36 PM »

So yeah I heard this was the place to post from a reddit thread. This was the game I played 50% of my WC3 life when I was younger, but now I'm a game dev graduate and I can't help but to give suggestions.

1. The game needs to work towards an end after the titan has fallen behind. Too many games end when the titan gives up rather than dieing. This is a problem with how the late game works in general, and is likely the sort of thing that's solved with testing, but maybe add some very late game builder options that let them leave the base and hunt titans. This will help you avoid 60+ minute stalemates.

2. The detonate ability needs to be nerfed significantly and un-detonated workers need to give less exp and gold. The difference between this bump in game knowledge is staggering and ruins games with new players, and equally makes new titans slowly starve and have no fun. Generally balanced games have 1 feeder, so with this in mind make the detonate ability/destroy delayed by 10s and give the reward to any titans in a 500 AOE. Then reduce exp and gold from workers by a lot. If you do this though you will likely have to buff the titans ability to nuke lots of workers at once, but that is probably a good idea for the titan to feel less stagnant anyway.

3. Improve the titan playing experience. I think the lack of titan players was partially due to being alone in chat, the titans being less unique than choosing a builder, and that the titan really was the weaker side. It wasn't empowering at all play the big scary titan. So buff the titan with something that feels good and encourage titans to talk to their minions and enemies. In dota2 we have lots of crazy powerful feeling abilities compared to other games. A mix of good sound and effects to accompany it help, but make the abilities feel extreme. We don't want to be just be this big slug thing for people to avoid. I haven't played since I was younger, so you will likely more about the updated titan styles than I do, but titans need to feel as unique as the builders, they get far more customization in a sense than titans do. If you have these very unique titans without adding titans that break or make the game un-fun, you can get the same effect as dota 2 heroes.

4. A tutorial would help a lot. New players and experienced players can sort of find each other but any way to easily find each other on top of a tutorial would go a long way. Though I understand that a full extra map would be too much effort for one man, so I'm going to suggest utilizing the community for this one. Something like purges guide would be a good start, maybe even add it as a command in-game. For finding fellow players I'm not sure how easy it would be to make a ranking system that utilizes steam, so I'm going to say that maybe having a new player and experienced player subforum with events might be a good community building exercise.

5. The way a minion is summoned when a builder is killed is nice for keeping players in a match, but we need a better way to stop people from feeding minions than a kick feature. This is caused by two problems, the minion comes into play with no ability to affect the game in 40+ min games, and the issue with players wanting to go back to builder in general and suicide being an excuse to leave. The minions are sort of awkward in general, since the main titan wants all the feed and their is often no reward for feeding other minions other than heal spam. The problem is if we buff them then the titan becomes a giant snowballing monster in pub games. So..... that's not a simple problem. Try lots of thing if you have the time. I don't really have any perfect answers in mind right now.

6. Builders leaving before they feed, thus starving a titan. Luckily you don't have to do anything in dota 2 since the buildings and units stay by default, and players can reconnect as a bonus. I'm just saying that this isn't something you should be trying to duplicate.

So yeah, game design notes are cheap compared to code and assets, but I think that a direct port of Island D actually isn't the way to go, despite it being one of my favorite games of all time.
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