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Author Topic: Burn' suggestions  (Read 2211 times)
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« on: April 05, 2015, 04:50:59 PM »


- Sat should be able to research G2l from rogue den
- Increase range of Pirate's towers by 50. (previous nerf was too big)
- Syph toxic trap should have CD reduced by 20%
- Syph armour reduction on the tower cancelling ability needs to be halved)
- Voltron nuke targets bounced should be max. 8
- Molt shouldn't be able to burn buildings in mirror form
- Mana cost removed on all titan scout abilities (D)
- All titan scout abilities should give decent truesight that lasts at least 10 seconds, able to at least kill mag with WOTW + (D) - EG Syph/Bubo

Morph's RC 300w -> 150w
Arctic armor should be able to be used on magic immune units
Make Syph's cast time instant but maintain projectile speed
Upgrade progress bar for nature army spears
Give turtle scales infinite duration, but same cooldown
Reduce hitbox of shops
Reduce hitbox of bubonicus
-m or -mini or -min = shows how many minis there still are
Tauren needs fortified armour in Ancestral Rage.
Tauren's ward ability should be able to be researched from RC, instead of enfeeble, which should be in ARC.
Give Sat g2l
Give turtle scales infinite duration, but same cooldown.
Unless teleporter has been changed, I prefer it to have its cooldown halved, and cost to be two TP staffs and 3 titan eggs.
Titan item: Combine webbed feet with coral with a 5g recipe, resultant item will be just the two combined, and change webbed feet to 15g.
Write in tooltips that wotw can be deto'd by workers.
Eye of the ocean down to 4 gold.
Replenish pot to 3 gold.
Floating eye recipe to 5 gold.
MSOG recipe to 5 gold.
Multiply all minion health by 110% at all levels
Multiply all minion armor by 110% at all levels
Reduce damage of Morph towers by 5 damage at enhanced and up
Reduce the cost of speed poke upgrade from 90g to 45g.
Tauren shouldn't need to research aftershock to get AR.
UNFIXABLE !ignore should ignore pings.
-Share commands.
-shareme red/username/slot number (requests red to share me controls, type -yes or -share [my colour]/[my username]/[my slot number] to share) ALTS: -sm red/username/slot number
-share red/username (Shares control with red) ALTS: -s red/username/slot number
-shareoff (Prevents other players from sharing with you) ALTS: -so
-Draw or !draw command for late game stallers (demo, or titan)

IMPLEMENTED Give Bubonicus's nuke instant projectile travel speed , but maintain cast time for stun (stun is instant now too)
IMPLEMENTED Make Ogre's fart make instant like radioactive's invuln shield
IMPLEMENTED Make TP cost mana from gold mound so builders can look away from gold mound when mound is selected. (titan has animation on main now)
IMPLEMENTED Make it so that Hunters skill blink and nitro on default
IMPLEMENTED Give Demo's walls an attack hotkey
IMPLEMENTED Instant elo when titan leaves instead of 15 seconds.
IMPLEMENTED Magnataur should be nukable and be able to be WOTW in avatar form. (mag avatar is hella nerfed by wand of neut)
IMPLEMENTED Change sat's dash from "D" to "E" so it doesn't clash with repair (D)
IMPLEMENTED Give Sat g2l (It's in loot stash, pretty shit, should be researchable from loot den)
IMPLEMENTED Nature's RC 200 wood -> 150 wood
IMPLEMENTED Tauren's move speed should be buffed to match mag's. (mag's move speed was nerfed instead, lmao)
IMPLEMENTED Make titan eggs 45g 2000 wood each. Halve the cooldown of titan eggs. (titan eggs prety much have no CD now)
IMPLEMENTED Reduce damage of Troll towers by 5 damage at enhanced and up (troll was reworked, a bit better for solo now)
IMPLEMENTED Reduce range of Pirate's towers by 50. (pirate towers range is reduced by 100, should be +50)
IMPLEMENTED Give continuous mana upgrades for Mag and Tauren in the research centre for 1g and 250w. (i think all builders have it now)

IMPLEMENTED Radio's gold towers shouldn't be able to be bought by allies
IMPLEMENTED Faerie's RC 300w -> 150w
IMPLEMENTED Change sat's dash from "D" to "E" so it doesn't clash with repair (D)
IMPLEMENTED Make Molt's heal near instant chain heals
IMPLEMENTED Tauren shouldn't need to build ARC in order to build towers.
IMPLEMENTED Tauren megas require a gold upgrade in ARC to match other builders.
IMPLEMENTED Demo needs nerfing, 600hp walls without gold = ridiculous.
IMPLEMENTED Introduce "A vote is currently in progress" notifications and "You have already voted" messages. (for modes like -exp)
IMPLEMENTED longer CD on punish


Moved suggestions to IMPLEMENTED
Added some new suggestions
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Get burnt.

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« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2017, 07:53:36 AM »

Really? Have more details?
Titan Hunter

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« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2018, 11:15:19 AM »

Been a while since I updated my suggestions, but it's good to see a lot of them were implemented.


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Clan BTI Represent:

Get burnt.
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