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Author Topic: Fireskin Orc  (Read 1945 times)
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« on: January 30, 2012, 04:15:59 PM »

Fireskin Orc


Difficulty: Hard. Not only do the Fireskin Orc's towers cost gold (which can be risky to aquire), the possible synergy of the builder's abilities, the hunter's abilities, and the use of Lava Flows would require decent planning and execution skills to combo with greatest effect.

Story: The High Shaman of a clan of Fireskin Orcs followed the Demonologist through his evil portal to the Great Island, where he now tries to prove the dominance of Fireskin Orcs over all other races (especially normal Orcs)

Overview: The Fireskin Orc uses flame to power his abilities, units, and buildings. He is a baser who needs gold to build towers, uses unique walls, and has multiple food source war upgrades (advanced "pool" bases).

Main Builder: Fireskin Orc
Inventory Slots: 2
Health: 300
Mana: none
Armor: 0 (medium)
Attack: 125-125 (normal, melee range)
Builds by: Summoning
Movement: 350
H.p./s: 4

Innate (Escape) Abilities:

Firebolt: [120 sec cd]
Shoots a fireball from 500 range, doing 100 dmg and stunning the titan for 1.5 seconds. (not quite instant cast time)

Coal Runner: [110 sec cd]
Zooms the Builder forward 500 units in the direction it is facing, leaving behind a trail of damaging flames that last for 3 seconds (50 d.p.s.).


Shelter: Firepit (Firepit model)
Standard size/stats/cost
Trains Firebelly Boars (lumber harvesters)
Researches lumber harvest upgrades
Ability: Can 'cook' a harvester (devour mechanic) over time, depositing a roast boar when finished. (an item acting the same way as a Demonologist's health stone)
(model would also change to Firepit with Pig while roasting)

Food Source: Magma Spring (Fountain of Blood model)
Identical to Mystic Pools.

Wall: Hot Lava Rock (Rock Magma <Variation 2> model)
Health: 450
Armor: 15 Fortified
Space: 2x2
Cost: 300 Lumber
Ability: For 200 lumber, can "spew" lava one wall space in any direction adjacent to the Hot Lava Rock, creating a Lava Flow. If the Lava Flow is not killed after 4 seconds it hardens into a stronger, but unimmolating, Hot Lava Rock.
   -Lava Flow: (Volcano model?)
    Health: 200
    Armor 15 Fortified
    Space: 2x2
    Ability: 50 dps immolation with 300 range

Note: This is my favorite idea and the key ingredient that makes this builder interesting and unique, allowing the remote ability to potentially trap or at least add extra dmg to a sieging/getting ganked titan. Could also be used to rewall without putting your builder into nuke range, assuming the titan doesn't run up and break the Lava Flow before it can harden.

Tower:Fiery Crater (Fiery Crater model)
Space: 2x2
Cost: 1 gold, 40-->100-->250-->500 lumber
Damage: 30-->40-->50-->60 pierce (a bit slower than average towers)
Range: 600-->650-->700-->750
Ability: Scorching Boulders: Each attack adds a burning effect for 5-->10-->15-->20 fire dps for 3 seconds

Note:Of course the numbers are just guesses as to balance, but I am imagining that although the d.p.s. from each separate tower will not stack, the d.p.s. from the towers WILL stack with the dps of Lava Flow immolation, the path of flames left behind by Coal Runner, and the spell damage of Flamestrike.

Research Center: Firegod's Shrine (Shrine model)
Standard size/stats/cost
Trains: Firebird
Intensified Magma Springs: [3 tiers]
   -1000 lumber cost: Magma Spring damage increased to 25, range increased to 800
   -1000 lumber cost: Magma Spring damage increased to 30, range increased to 900, attacks bounce once (each bounce does 50% damage)
   -1000 lumber cost: Magma Spring damage increased to 35, range increased to 1000, attacks bounce twice (each bounce does 50% damage)
Strengthened Walls: [requires Merch]
   -1000 lumber cost: Increases the hp of all Hot Lava Rocks and Lava Flows by 150
Standard h.p. and harvester upgrades

Note: With the lower range of the Fiery Crater towers, including a back row/field of upgraded Magma Springs is expected, not just optional

Merchant: Good ol' reliable.

Advanced Research Center: Red Dwarf (Phoenix Egg model tinted red)
Standard size/stats
Cost: 30 gold, 1250 lumber
Advanced Hunter Training:
   -45 gold, 1500 lumber cost: Your Firebird's h.p. and m.s. are improved, and it gains an h.p. regeneration aura to units AND buildings in large aoe.
Turn Up the Heat:
   -2000 lumber cost: Doubles d.p.s. and duration of all Fiery Craters' Scorching Boulders effect, and increases Lava Flow immolation to 75 d.p.s.
Fire Mastery:
   -10 gold, 500 lumber cost: Halves the cooldown for Firebolt and Coal Runner
Standard Unit/Hunter Upgs

Special Towers: [all cost 90 gold and ~2000 lumber, require Merch.]

Heavy Flamethrower: Identical to the rapid fire tower, except it spews flames instead of rockets.

Serpent of Flames: Attacks 3 units at once from 900 range, high damage, average speed, and a 100% chance to ministun its targets for 0.2 seconds. When held as an item it gives ranged units multishot and +20 damage.

Emberspire: Emits an aura that lowers the magic resistance of all titans in 900 range by 30%, and can cast a 250 damage Breath of Fire at about 800 range every 30 seconds. When held as an item it grants the holder a 30% chance to release a 250 damage Breath of Fire with each attack.


Harvester: Firebelly Boar (Fel Boar model)
-Harvests 3 lumber per hit, returns loads of 30 lumber. Every round of lumber returned fattens the boar up, slightly increasing its size, h.p. by 10, and resulting in more effective roasts when cooked over a Firepit (maximum size at +50 h.p.)
-Costs 15 food
-50* hp
-50% spell reduction
-Lumber harvest can be upgraded (increasing amount returned and speed of harvest, causing them to fatten up faster as well).

Hunter: Firebird (Phoenix model)
Movement: Flying
Stats: Identical or similar to Goblin/Pirate Hunts, with a primary attribute of intelligence.
Flamestrike: [90 second cd]
   -300 mana cost: After a 1 second delay creates a pillar of flame in the target area that lasts 3 seconds, damaging any titans for 50 d.p.s., and healing any Hot Lava Rocks for 30 h.p. per second and any Lava Flows for 60 h.p. per second.
Bird Brains: [passive]
   -Increases the intelligence of the Firebird by 15 points

Even with just a few gold, the Fireskin Orc can base effectively using short-range Fiery Craters that burn over time and massed, upgraded Magma Pools with thier extended range and bouncing attacks. The abilities of Hot Lava Rock walls, the Firebird hunter, and the builder himself could be used in deadly combinations.
For example: The Titan, after having broken through 2 walls of the Orc's base is stunned by the builder's Firebolt, just as the hunter casts Flamestrike and a Lava Flow bursts out behind him. He can turn to destroy the Lava Flow before it hardens into a stronger wall block (made more difficult by the healing effects of the Flamestrike), or he can attempt to accept the heavy damage of towers and spells (including the immolation from the Lava Flow) and break the base before it breaks him. Either way, he is going home with ash for underwear.

Thanks for reading my idea, would love to hear any thoughts/suggestions good or bad. Thank you sburnett21 for the feedback and the icon guide, tell me what you think of the updates =D.
   *Thank you Coaster_Man no, the hp should not have been 100.

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« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2012, 05:10:15 PM »

Sounds cool, the only thing that I have to critique on is the health of the workers is 100hp and has 50% magic resistance, meaning they cannot be 1 shotted, was this planned?

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« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2012, 07:32:43 PM »

I can see someone deep-basing with this excellently.

1)Is he a hard builder solely on the fact he requires gold for his towers?

2)What are his titan hunter abilities? Just the normal ones?

3)The harvesters seem to be re-occurring for all basers, perhaps a different food cost and lumber gain type?

4)The cool down on coal runner seems short compared to fire bolt, perhaps 100-110 seconds?

5)Even with the food sources as back row towers, the normal towers seem to weak, ish, for gold towers. Perhaps a 5 damage boost?

6)For the pictures, follow this link, and follow each step, it should assist you greatly.,2075.0.html

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« Reply #3 on: January 31, 2012, 06:24:15 PM »

I added the icons, the guide didnt work exactly but I figured it out, even though I couldn't get the models to show (ohwell). Anyways I have tweaked a bunch of stuff here and there and made it look prettier.
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« Reply #4 on: February 01, 2012, 04:22:19 AM »

Nice, needs phoenix to become an actual phoenix turning to an egg and respawning after specified time.

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