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Author Topic: [Guppys] naga  (Read 2905 times)
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« on: August 05, 2011, 02:03:22 PM »

Ohai. Hope you like it.



HP: 50
MP: 250 (upgrades 500-750-1000-1250)
Movement Speed: Taurens
Damage: 125
    Type: Piercing
    Range: 400 (Range of all spells as well)
Armor: 0
    Type: Light
Style: Undead
Lumbers: 25/s

Concept: support/army. The idea behind the builder is he can take alot of nuking unless he uses his mana up (he has mana shield). So to do damage he has to blow off hes mana at the same time hes lowering his survivability.

Problems: Is she going to be op in certain bases (does it matter)? (Fearie & Radio - mana steal) My idea to fix this so far was to add spells that would be worse in these bases balancing it.


Mana sheild (Started with)

    Creates a shield that absorbs damage by using the Naga Seawitch's mana. Blocks 100% of incoming damage 1 damage per point of mana. Mana cost: 150. 10 seconds. Self targeted.

Surge(stuffs come from dota before... can change the icon and name if it matters (started with)

    Floods a target with excess power giving it maximum speed for a brief period of time. 75 mana. 90 second CD.

    Brilliance Aura (started with) (Upgrades in RC 10g 1000 wood/15g 1250 wood)

    Gives the unit .75/1/1.25 mana regeneration per second. (Does not stack with dreani's mana voids)

Feedback (optained in RC 4 upgrades 5g 250 wood/6g 300 wood/7g 350 wood/8g 400 wood)

(I think this is the feedback image...? o.o)
    Steals 9/18/27/36 mana every hit. Passive.

Chain Lighting (Obtained in ARC 15g 750 wood)

    Does 450 damage bouncing to 3 nearby targets each jump damage reduces by 30%. Cost 250 mana. 45 second cool down

Mana Shackle (Obtained in ARC 20g 1500 wood)

    Shackles the target making it unable to move unless it takes physical damage. Last 15 seconds. Cost 25 mana per second.

Novice/Advanced/Adept/Grandmaster Mana handling (Upgrades at RC 15g 500 wood/15g 500 wood/15g 500 wood/25g 1000 wood)

    Increases your mana by 250.

Purge (RC 20g 1500 wood/20g 2000 wood)

    Removes one/all(up) beneficial effects from the titan. Removes one/all(up) negative effects from the friendly unit. 150 mana. 700 range (or something more than the normal 400).

Sunken Seaglass (Obtained in ARC for 60g)

    A seaglass the Seawitch found at the bottom of the ocean. Reveals invisible units within a 400 range. Passive.

Mana Void (dotaish I think...  ARC 25g 1250 wood)

    Deals 0.5 damage per missing mana point on the titan. Cost 500 mana.

Mana Siphon (ARC 15g 1500 wood)

    Steals 50 mana per second from the target. Last 10 seconds. Channeled. Canceled If the the caster takes damage.

Mana charge (obtained in ARC for 25g 2500 wood) Requires: Mana Siphon and Adept/Grandmaster mana handling

    The Seawitch focuses her mana into one big blast. 6 second casting time. Obvious animation. If casting is failed cooldown is still triggered. 180 second CD. Fires all mana as 75% damage.

Improved walls (5g 500 wood/5g 500 wood/5g 500 wood) Requires: Merchant

    Increases the mana on your walls by 100.

    Shelter (30 wood)

      A barrel that host lots of baby naga eggs. Shelter same damage and range as fruit tree. Gives 50 food. Same stats as other shelters expect damage. Summons Baby Naga.

    Baby Couatl (normal hp upgrades smaller ofc)

      Same stats as other workers. 6 food per worker. Harvast as fast as murloc

    Wall (300 wood 100% mana shield 1 damage per mana point just like main builders.)

      400 hp. 15 fort armor. 100(200-300-400) mana. Same mana regen as dreani's walls.
      Sunken Ship (400 wood) (sunken animation maybe?)

      RC has everything normal RCs have (hp bonus worker hp bonus g2l etc and all spells listed to be in the RC)

    Raided Arcane Tower (on fire 20g 1250 wood)

      Normal ARC has all listed ARC spells


    Abandoned Dock (Maybe an animation to make it look cool 20g 2000 wood)

      An old dock taken by the naga full of fish for hire...

    Murloc Mutant (10g 1500 wood)

      1800 HP 10 armor Heavy 100 battle damage medium move/attack. 400 mana 2 mana regen. 50 food.


    same as snowman.


    Reduces movement speed by 75%, attack rate by 50%, and damage by 50% of a target enemy unit last 3 seconds. 175 mana. 45 second cooldown.

    Murloc Nightcrawler (450 wood each)

      550 hp 55 dmg fast move/attack 4 light armor. fast move speed 8 food.


    Allows you to become invisible while standing still during the night.

    Grown Couatl (5g 500 wood)

      250 hp fast move/attack 55 damage 4 light armor harvast like succubus. 50 food.

    Harden Shell (2g 300 wood/ 3g 400 wood/ 4g 500 wood)

      Increases your hired units armor by 2.

    Sharpened Blades (4g 300 wood/ 5g 400 wood/ 6g 500 wood)

      Increases your units for hires damage by 10.

    Merchant (45g)

    Comments: Feedback please. No ultimate tower so far should I add one?

    -Changed worker to not be the same as the new titan
    -Added upgrades for the army[/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]
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    Speedy Turtle

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    Hammer and Sickle -Builders Suggestions

    « Reply #1 on: August 05, 2011, 05:04:26 PM »

    Well, first post in my months for me... I like the ideas, even if many come from DotA... but won't it be confuzin with new titan coming out being naga whore as well? O.o also shackle should be changed to unless it takes physical damage so that saving radios is possible.

    13 E E T L E 13 O M B E R

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    « Reply #2 on: August 05, 2011, 05:07:52 PM »

    Well, first post in my months for me... I like the ideas, even if many come from DotA... but won't it be confuzin with new titan coming out being naga whore as well? O.o also shackle should be changed to unless it takes physical damage so that saving radios is possible.

    BAH forgot about new titan changing worker ID...
    Titan of the Abyss

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    Self Moderator

    « Reply #3 on: August 05, 2011, 05:55:59 PM »

    New titan uses a diff model, it's still naga but... so is lucidious...
    Also, by "Indepth" you mean Adept.

    Pirate is an octopus in disguise!
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    Revenant_ at US East

    « Reply #4 on: August 06, 2011, 02:05:58 PM »

    This is actually very interesting, it sacrifices its life source in order to support/damage. It allows you to give moderate support to a base, but if you try to do too much, you end up as nuke bait.

    Some of the spells could use some tweaking and numbers could be changed, but from what I see this would be a great builder.

    Titanious Minion

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    « Reply #5 on: August 07, 2011, 09:06:48 PM »

    u just probably rigged of evry signle dota hero
    i saw magina twice , medusa, zeus, ... wtf man lay off dota


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    « Reply #6 on: August 08, 2011, 07:18:17 AM »

    u just probably rigged of evry signle dota hero
    i saw magina twice , medusa, zeus, ... wtf man lay off dota

    I've actually played dota on single player like 10 times lol... the few I felt I was taking ideas from was magina and the dark seer dude.

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    « Reply #7 on: August 18, 2011, 09:26:11 AM »

    The idea looks good, but 60g for a invis reveal. This doesn't strike you as too much?

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