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Author Topic: Nordrassil-- Titan of Life  (Read 2959 times)
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« on: March 24, 2011, 08:49:54 PM »

OK here goes nothing, my first titan idea, only took about 5 hours to put up...


Stats= Red
Spells= Green
Form Abilities= Orange
Forms= Yellow
Minion Spells= Pink

Starting Stats
Damage- 59
Health- 925
Mana- 1250
Str- 41
Int- 46
Mana Regen-5
HP Regen-3
Intelligence is main Attribute

Str Per Level-6
Int per Level-10
Agi Per Lever-4

This is an odd titan I thought up while I was really bored in Math class, it is a titan that can become an intelligence titan, a normal tank titan, or a macro based summoning titan, or could even delve into 2 of those branches (three would be really difficult) This titan can be based off its shape shifting, or just stay in its normal form which is summon based, can also be deadly with a bunch of minions if they choose the right ultimate's on the minions

Spells/ Abilities in main form
Melt (Wind Walk)- The titan uses his abilities to become one with nature turning invisible and increasing movement speed. 0 mana, lasts 30 seconds, 180 sec cooldown

Rejuvinate (Heal)- The titan uses mana to access the life energies around him, healing him 200/400/600/800. 150 mana 14 second cooldown

Summon Doppelgänger (scout) Nordrassil uses reflections from the sun and the moon to create an invulnerable, builder sized scout. Cannot see invisible units, cannot be walked through, does no damage. Lasts 60 seconds, 90 second cooldown 250 mana

Circle of Life (Nuke)(Innate)- The Titan reliquishes the life energies of enemy units within a 200 aoe area, 250 cast range, deals 100 damage.125 Mana. 10 second Cooldown

And Heres were it gets weird

Sea Turtle- Summons a sea turtle companion that serves as an excellent Tank for seigeing, moves slowly, deals damage slowly.
Health- 750/1000/1500/1750 Armor(Heavy)- 4/6/8/10  Damage(siege)- 75/100/125/150
Level 3/4- 2 Turtles Gain a splash attack and on level 4
Taunt- Forces the closest 15 units (including towers) to attack the turtle. 20 second cd
Costs 300 Mana, 100 second CD, last 120 seconds

Treants- From the Earth come forth treants! Useful for damaging the walls of a base at a range, very weak though and shouldn't be used as a tank. Have a fast attack speed and move very fast, 500 range.
Damage(piercing)- 25/30/35/40 Health- 250/350/450/550 Armor(light)- 0/2/3/4

Life Druid- A druid from the far reaches who excels in both healing and mana regeneration, also has the ability spirit link allowing the damage to spread. Perminant after cast, costs 500 mana 2 minute cooldown
Restore Health- sends out a pulse of healing power, healing all nearby units 250 health per pulse (can be autocast)
Restore Mana- Sends out a pulse of Mana, recovering 250 mana per pulse (can be autocast)
Energy Spread- links five nearby units spreading all damage done by 20%, lasts 30 seconds 3 minute cooldown


Bear- A strong form used for tanking damage and siegeing bases, weak at beginning of game but strong after level 4
Health- +500/+750/+1000/+1250/+1500/+1500
Mana- 0/-150/-500/-750/-1000/-1250/-750
Armor(heavy)- +5/+10/+15/+20/+20/+25
Movement Speed- Slow
Attack Speed- Fast

At level 1-
Mirror Image- Creates 2 identical copies of the titan that deal 50% damage and receive 200% damage. Last 45 seconds, 180 second cooldown, 200 mana.

At Level 3-
Slam- Slows all units (movement and attack speed) by 20% in an area of 300 also deal 100 damage to all units in that area

At level 4-
Roar- Unleashes a powerful roar increasing attack speed and damage by 20% and 10% respectively lasts 5 seconds. 300 AOE, 250 mana, 10 second cooldown.

At level 6-
Avatar- Temporarily increase attack damage, movement speed, health and armor. Lasts 10 seconds. 500 mana. 180 second cooldown +1000 Health, +100 Damage, +10 Armor, changes movement speed to average.

Bird(Mana Form)- A new spin, a mana based form with a mana shield, silence, and a major slowing move
Health 0
Mana +500/+1000/+1250/+1500/+1750/+2000
Movement Speed- Fast (increase from normal form)
Attack Speed- doesn't change

Jump- The titan unleashes energy into a "jump" of energy dealing damage to all units nearby (200 AOE). 110 Mana. 14 second cooldown. (doesn't blink titan, its just a nuke like bubs)

After Level 2-
Visual Disturbance- The Windwalk for this form of the titan, lasts 25 seconds, 150 mana, increases movement speed by 20%, 180 second cooldown, and will reveal a random area (size of a pearl) when ever it is activated.

After Level 3-  
Mana shield- The Druid uses his mana to shield coming attacks. Decreases damage by 1/2/4/10 (goes up per level in bird form ability) Costs 5 mana per hit.

After level 4-
Silence- Stops all enemy spellcasting in 300 aoe, 300 cast range, lasts for 5 seconds, 45 second cooldown 250 mana

After level 6-
Shockwave- The titan unleashs a wave of energy slowing all units attack speed by 50% for 7.5 seconds. Costs 500 mana, 180 second cooldown.

Normal Base stats
Health - 800
Health Regen - 6
Mana - 0
Mana Regen - 3
Move speed - 390
Armor - -1
Damage - 60
Attack speed - 1.5
Range - 105
Str gain per level - 7
Agi gain per level - 6
Int gain per level - 6
Starting str - 35
Starting agi - 35
Starting int - 35


Find Cover- The minion quickly hides from cover, disappearing for 10 seconds. 180 second cooldown. 150 mana. (increases movement speed by 15%)

Unleash Energy- The minion releases it's mana to kill enemy units. Deals 75/100/125/150 (normal bounce nuke pretty much) 110 mana 12 cooldown

Release Energy- The minion unleashes it's stored mana to heal all units in 200 aoe 100/200/300/400, 250 mana 20 cooldown

Seed killer
Hippogryph- Just give it the same stats as the harpies

Classic Avatar
Rage Same stats as all the others, +500 Health, Magic Immunity, and +30% Attack speed. Costs 250 mana. Has a 180 second cooldown.

HP tank
HP Spread- The minion can imbue the target with hp at the cost of its own health (kind of like the mana thing that the dreanie hunter has) 300 mana 125 hp per second

Mana Tank
Mana Spread- Gives the minions mana to another friendly unit. transfers 100 mana per second.

Minions can only select one ultimate
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« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2011, 08:10:49 AM »

Jump on bird form needs to be removed

Hp increase from Bear form needs to be nerfed hard

Hp increase in bird needs to be nerfed or removed since birds don't really tank do they?

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« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2011, 07:10:35 AM »

Shouldn't a bear be a tank and the bird be a support/damage dealer?

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« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2011, 02:14:38 PM »

A micro-sort-of-management titan isn't that easy.
+2k HP is too OP, btw.

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« Reply #4 on: March 29, 2011, 04:04:18 PM »

isn't nordrassil the name of the great tree in warcraft?

Summoners Charm- The minion calls out and all summoned units respond, becoming allies for 10 seconds. After the 10 seconds the units are destroyed. 300 mana, 180 cooldown.

Minions can only select one ultimate
isn't that a bit too good? They can take all the summons from a player if they attempted a mini trap. If they're in a base, you can use the ranged ones to attack the walls from far away, possibly out of range of the towers. Also, they are 1x1 right? the units could easily become the trump card against any base.

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« Reply #5 on: March 31, 2011, 07:55:36 PM »

Jump on bird form needs to be removed

Hp increase from Bear form needs to be nerfed hard

Hp increase in bird needs to be nerfed or removed since birds don't really tank do they?

OK, i completely changed the jump from a blink to a nuke, Nerfed the hp on the bear form, and removed the hp increase on the bird

Shouldn't a bear be a tank and the bird be a support/damage dealer?

Thats the idea, though I was thinking maybe the bird would be more of a titan for games where 90% of builders are golders.

A micro-sort-of-management titan isn't that easy.
+2k HP is too OP, btw.

OK, i wasn't sure if you were talking about the avatar, or the bear form but I nerfed both (though it should be noted that the titan moves SLOWLY, so more HP is going to be necessary for that form.

ZOMG is pro so stfu!
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Liked ponies before they were cool

« Reply #6 on: April 01, 2011, 11:24:02 AM »

Remove summoners charm, will either be useless or completely ruin demonologists.

Turtle needs some sort of taunt or it will be useless.

A nice idea might be to let titan load the treants into him and launch them out all at once at wall for quick damage.


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