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Author Topic: This is not /b/ (Forum Rules)  (Read 33553 times)
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Life in 360 Degrees

« on: August 15, 2008, 04:12:47 PM »

Even though this is General Chat, there are still rules.

Forums Rules

A note: Rules will be enforced now that we have active Administrators and Moderators.

We encourage users to report people breaking the rules. (Report to moderator Function on the Offending parties post or PM)

Spam is considered useless non-contributing posts, excess of useless posts and one word posts such as: "lol" and "Cheesy" etc. If you are replying to a guide or suggestion that someone made, and you like (or dislike it) it, please explain why. Excessive spamming will be moderated and in severe cases the member will receive a warn.

Note on double posting: Double/Triple (etc.) posts is considered spam and the second (or third etc.) will be deleted excessive double (or triple etc.) posting will be result in a warn.
Obvious exceptions are large guides and suggestions.

Flaming newbies, Idea Suggestions or Guides is inappropriate. Excessive flaming will be moderated and the offender will be warned.

We have a 0 acceptance policy of harassment, if a one member is purposely flaming/annoying you via PM or on the boards report them and they will be warned and in extreme cases temporarily or permanently banned.

We at do NOT condone hacking of any kind. Linking to hacking sites or posting hacks for download will not be tolerated. The offender will be warned or banned immediately. Wc3 Banlist, Name Spoofer, List Checker and Visual Custom Kick/Custom Kick may be discussed.
You can download Banlist at and Visual Custom Kick at No other hacking sites may be linked or named. The offender will be moderated and reported.

18+ Content
This forum supports a wide range of members, from the young to the old. Therefore it is our job to limit over 18 content on the site. Linking to site with such content will result in your post being deleted and yourself warned. Over 18 content is considered: Strong excessive Language; Pornography, Excessive Violence, and disturbing content.

If asked to remove something in your signature, you will remove it, or it will be removed for you and you will be warned.

These are rules that apply to the entire forum, they will be updated as needed. If a Sub-forum has specific rules it will be posted there.
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