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Title: Official Statement On The Development
Post by: mVlipka on June 21, 2013, 02:04:32 PM
I posted this in the other topic, but now that I have posted a reply, I am able to make my own thread. So I will put this here just so everyone who comes wondering here can read it without having to find it.

Hey, this is Michael Lipka.

I was the "boss" at First Blood Studios.

The Island Defense: Standalone game started back when I was a freshman in high school (I am now a sophomore in college). I worked on this for about a year until Gwypass took over map editing from Pandamime.
My version was fully sanctioned by Pandamime up until Gwypass took control of his forums and completely removed my forum section. After that, development came to a complete halt.

About a year ago, KR game up to me asking to revive this project. I said he could assemble his own team, but they need to program the game themselves (my code was 4 years old and written in C++ which none of the "developers" knew. It was up to them to recreate the base engine and go from there).
The legality part of this mess was that I was attending school at Flashpoint Academy. Any work that I work on there is legally owned by Flashpoint. As you can see, this presents a legal problem.

I have not touched the Island Defense: Standalone game since. In fact, the only reason I found that this forum existed was because I decided to read upon my old blog posts for the game. I had no awareness that this sub-forum even existed. I have not talked to KR since I told him to form his own team. He still has "First Blood Studios" listed on his Facebook page, but he is not on any development team that I am part of and is not associated with the "company."

Here are the former dev logs from when I worked on the project:

The game was being built from the ground up using an engine of my creation. I do have plans on reviving this project, but I am currently part of another development team and would need to work on this in my spare time.

If the current standalone developer needs any help, let me know. I have been programming for over 10 years and have much experience in the RTS genre.

This forum can be closed, for what it's worth. I saw a few people on here posting and figured I would get rid of the confusion. If you want proof that I am the original standalone developer, I can provide it (although the blog should be good enough).

Thank you for your time and I am sorry for the confusion,
-Michael Lipka

Title: Re: Official Statement On The Development
Post by: mVlipka on June 21, 2013, 02:27:38 PM
Actually, here's the proof:

Also, upon reading the messages:
Part of the legal issues was that I worked with other people on the original Island Defense idea (programming was all done by me), but I had select members from the old clan IDAK work with me (my name in IDAK was DarkReaping) such as Brem and RevengeZ. If development had continued using the original code, they could claim partial ownership to the game as there was no official contract drafted up. This most likely would not have happened, but I wanted to be on the safe side as I have not spoken to Brem in over two years.

EDIT: Also, Jewbacca was working on the standalone. I can't believe I forgot to list him xD.

Title: Re: Official Statement On The Development
Post by: Coaster_Man on June 26, 2013, 01:32:46 AM
Hey I remember seeing those photos of the ogre years ago!

Title: Re: Official Statement On The Development
Post by: mVlipka on June 26, 2013, 10:49:08 AM
Yeah, it was a fun time.

That won't be a model used in any game (it's a dwarf  :P) but I have contacted two people from my former school who are willing to work on a few games that are remakes of Warcraft III maps.

Hopefully I can post some shots of those.

Title: Re: Official Statement On The Development
Post by: turbo on July 09, 2013, 02:17:07 AM
Sounds Koo.